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Solano Verde Ranch is a private gated community of 37 custom homes with lot sizes ranging from 20 to 40 acres. Located in Somis, the community has a ranch like atmosphere with horseback riding, hiking, wildlife, freedom and peaceful living.

About Us

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Ready to Vote?

With the election fast approaching, it is time to get informed! […]

Annual Election Results

We held our annual meeting and election on April 12 at Somis Unified School District. The Board is now made up of the following members:

President – Peter Zinnato
Vice President – Tom Godecki
Delegate at Large – Joel Adler
Delegate At Large – Peter Jubb
Secretary – Jennifer Foster

Solano Verde 2016 Election Results

Barranca Cleaning and Maintenance

Barrancas and water streams on and within your property are owner’s responsibility, regular maintenance is necessary to guarantee a proper flow of water through the system.

Regular cleaning and keeping the barrancas on your property maintained requires no permit or involvement of any state or local agency.

In rare cases if you change the water flow, add channels or redirect the flow, destroy wildlife habit and cut down protected or endangered species vegetation and animal habitats you may contact one of the following agencies and request a permit:

Ventura County District for Water Shed,  (phone 805-662-6821)
California Department of Fish and Wildlife (Phone 858-467-4201)  […]

Architectural Improvements??

Any plans for architectural improvements within the community must be approved by the board of Directors before work commences. Please see the Residential Development Standards document for more information along with the fine schedule.

Also, a note: PVC fence material is available to owners that need to perform fence repairs – the material is available at cost – contact management Real Support.

Front Gate Directory

Real Support is still missing information from some homeowners for the directory.

Any homeowners who have not already done so are requested to give Real Support:

  • Their name(s)
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address(es)

(Circulation of the directory will be restricted to the Board and the management company ONLY).

A telephone call to Real Support (310-457-0019) will get you a form to complete or you may simply email the information to Margaret or to Naren for accounting.